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Recovering from the Pandemic: What are your priorities?

On Thursday, May 6, CM Vincent Gray and our own CM Charles Allen joined the monthly DC Democratic State Committee's general body meeting to talk about the city's plans for recovery from the pandemic. The two CMs have been chosen to lead the Special Committee on COVID-19 Pandemic Recovery and will be convening public hearings this month focused on a variety of topics: healthcare, housing, safety net programs, education, transportation infrastructure, etc.

As CM Allen put it, the hearings will focus on considering how to invest the federal recovery money that is coming to DC, smoothing the transition from pandemic health emergency operations to a new normal, figuring out what expanded protections and benefits should remain post-pandemic, and making decisions that will support the expanded sense of civic pride, concern for our neighbors, and community involvement the pandemic brought about.

CMs Gray and Allen explicitly invited members of the public with ideas and concerns to participate in these hearings and share your thoughts.

You can find out more at the committee's homepage or at the DC Council hearings calendar.

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