February 2019 Call to Action - GOTV

We are ACTIVELY seeking volunteers to help *organize* and support the Get Out The Vote efforts below. If you can serve as the LEAD for one of the below, we really want to hear from you! We can loop you into strategy discussions, connect you to other volunteers, provide resources and guidance, and more. 

  • Coordinate with grassroots groups on joint activities
    • Indivisible, Swing Left, Flippable, etc.
    • Activities include canvassing / phone banking / texting in after June, for 2019 elections
  • Voter registration and education
    • DC residents, including new residents
    • Youth, especially in high schools
    • (Potentially) Election reform, such as mail-in ballot legislation in DC
  • DC Statehood: voting representation and democratic equality for DC
    • Advocate at Lobby Days (House and Senate), DNC meetings, and other opportunities with Members of Congress and state delegations
    • Advocate directly through outreach to people in specific states (eg, Virginia for Sen. Warner who is NOT a supporter, etc.)
    • Educate DC residents, through social media, articles / letters to the editor, and more. (Note: *most* residents are not aware of how lack of statehood affects residents practically.)