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Save the Date! Ward 6 Dems Biennial Convention and Officer Elections - Saturday, June 3
The Ward 6 Democrats biennial convention and officer elections will take place at the Northeast Neighborhood Library on Saturday, June 3. Plan to arrive at 10:45 a.m., and we'll be starting the convention at 11:00 a.m.
The event will feature a welcome from our president, a special guest speaker, and, of course, the elections.
RSVP here.

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Ward 6 Dems Elections: How to Run 

On Saturday June 3, we will be electing the following Ward positions:


  • President

  • First Vice President

  • Second Vice President

  • Secretary


Advance nominations are now closed, but there will be an opportunity to nominate candidates from the floor on June 3. For more information on how to do that, see our constitution and bylaws.


Still have questions? Contact Aisha Smith, the Ward 6 Dems parliamentarian and the chair of our Rules Committee, at

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EWEngel-Headshot (1).jpg

Elizabeth Weaver Engel: President 

Biographical Statement: Elizabeth has lived in DC for 26 years, 22 of them in Ward 6’s Near Northeast neighborhood. She’s been in the nonprofit sector her entire career, and for the past decade, she has run her own small business providing consulting services to nonprofit membership associations. In addition to her volunteer work with the Ward 6 Dems, she also volunteers in the community (DC51 PAC board member, tutor and board member with Reading Partners), is active with the DC Statehood movement, and has volunteered for many Democratic campaigns both inside and outside DC.

Candidacy Statement: I am running for re-election as president of the Ward 6 Democrats, heading up the We
Can Do It! slate.

I’ve been an active volunteer with the Ward 6 Dems since 2016. In 2017, I started producing our bi-weekly newsletter and assumed responsibility for volunteer orientation. If you’ve ever raised your hand to volunteer with us, you’ve heard from me, welcoming
you and sharing whichever opportunities are current. In 2019, I was officially elected to the 2 nd Vice President position. In 2021, I was officially elected to my first term as President of the organization.

I’m proud of what the Ward 6 Dems have accomplished in the past two years. We’ve grown our membership from just over 1,100 members to 1,850 strong. We refreshed our website and upgraded the underlying technology that runs both the site and our well-regarded bi-monthly newsletter. We’re in a sound financial position. We’ve grown our volunteer list to nearly 250 people and have a diverse group of people regularly involved and actively supporting the work of the organization. We’ve worked hard to build closer relationships with the other Ward Democratic organizations and have held multiple joint events with them. Under the leadership of Maggie Edwards and Frank Avery, our Young Dems of Ward 6 community is thriving.

Under the leadership of our GOTV and Voter Education chair Matt LaFortune and with the assistance of our partners the Hill Center and the Hill Rag, we were able to resume in-person events with our highly successful series of DC election candidate forums in
May 2022, which drew more than 1200 registrants. We also partnered with the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly to host an election discussion with Councilmember Charles Allen (who was running unopposed), and then held a forum for our State Board
of Education candidates and a fun and exciting Meet Your Democratic Candidates social and GOTV rally in the fall.

Outside DC, in the 2021 Virginia state elections, our dedicated volunteers wrote 750 postcards to voters in support Democratic House of Delegates candidates. Then in the 2022 elections, Ward 6 Dems wrote more than 2,000 postcards, held four text banking nights of action, and participated in two canvassing trips to elect Democrats to Congress.

I’m honored to be leading the We Can Do It! slate – myself, Dorinda White for 1st Vice President, Maggie Edwards for 2 nd Vice President, and Regine Charles-Bowser for Secretary. We’re proud to be the first all-woman team running to lead the Ward 6 Democrats!

I’ve had extensive conversations with every member of the We Can Do It! slate and with the many dedicated volunteers who serve as our appointed officers (Marci Hilt, Aisha Smith, and Katarina O’Regan) and our committee chairs (Maggie Edwards, Frank Avery, Lindsay Swisher, Erin Sheehan, and Yael Foa) about our shared vision for the Ward 6 Dems in the coming months and years.

Our events committee, under the leadership of Erin Sheehan, is making plans for more social events, like our ongoing Meet Your New ANCs series and our fun and festive holiday party at Kirwan’s at The Wharf last January, and for educational content, like the
joint Young Dems of Ward 6 / Young Dems of Ward 2 housing affordability series that just concluded and the many virtual forums we’ve held with elected officials and other community leaders in the past two years. We’re looking forward to working actively with
the DC Dems Blue Wave committee to help take back the Virginia House of Delegates this fall, under the leadership of our new GOTV and Voter Ed chair Lindsay Swisher, and we have plans to build our capacity to give back to the community under the
leadership of our new #DemsCare community service project coordinator, Yael Foa.

We want the Ward 6 Dems to be an organization that represents the full diversity of our Ward - certainly categories like race, gender, and sexual orientation, but also our many unique neighborhoods that touch all four quadrants of DC, our large, vibrant community of seniors, our families with young children, the idealistic young Democrats who move to Ward 6 to work on the Hill, life-long residents and newcomers alike – and provides a home for everyone. With your help, we CAN do it, and we (and I) are asking for your vote.

Dorinda White: 1st Vice President

We Can Do It! Introducing Dorinda White, Candidate for 1st VP of the Ward 6 Democrats

My name is Dorinda White and I am a long-time resident of the SW Waterfront in Ward 6. In my day job, I have been serving the District's most vulnerable residents as a public servant/public affairs professional since 2011. I am an active member of the DC Democratic Party and have volunteered in various capacities on the DC Democratic State Party (DCDSC) and the Ward 6 Dems. I have served as an At-Large Committeewoman, Add-On Committeewoman and Ward 6 Committeewoman on the DC Democratic State Committee.  I was a candidate for Ward 6 ANC6D01 Commissioner in the 2016 election cycle, and I have been active in women's issues locally and nationwide. I am asking for your vote!

Currently, I am an Executive Board Member and Treasurer for the National Federation of Democratic Women (NFDW). Previously, I served as the President of the DC Federation of Democratic Women. My commitment to the Democratic Party is reflected in the various initiatives I have launched, such as DCFDW Team 2020, whose mission was to strategize and create innovative outreach methods and GOTV projects to ensure that Democrats locally and nationally would win in their elections. I have also created several virtual workshops on Voter Suppression, What's on the DC Ballot, the 411 on the Plum Book and Presidential Appointments, and the creation of the 1st DCFDW Commission on Presidential Appointments to create a pipeline of Democratic Women to apply for consideration as appointees in the Biden-Harris Administration.

In the Ward 6 community, I have been actively involved in volunteer efforts. For instance, I have conducted outreach to the Hines Elementary School to involve their youth media group as videographers and journalists to cover the Ward 6 Dems candidate forums. I have also staffed various events on behalf of the Ward 6 Dems such as the Barracks Row Festival, the Hill Center Volunteer Day, and others. During the pandemic, I volunteered to pick up food donations from food donation centers and dropped them off for many seniors in the Ward 6 community. I am an active member of the Ward 6 Live.Long.DC Opioid work group and have volunteered to distribute Narcan to various Ward 6 locations to enhance access to a life-saving antidote to Fentanyl use. Additionally, I am a volunteer with the Thelma D. Jones Breast Cancer Fund and hope to further my participation with the non-profit since my own mother passed away from an aggressive form of breast cancer. One of my goals within Ward 6 is to engage more Ward 6 residents who reside in underserved communities to get involved in the election process locally and during the presidential election cycle.

My extensive training in running for office and running campaigns has made me instrumental in conducting the social media and communications efforts of the Democrats Moving Forward slate, which was a successful slate in several major DC elections. I am a graduate of the Women's Campaign School at Yale University; Emily's List Political Opportunity Program; the Congressional Black Caucus Institute Political Bootcamp; the Supermajority Majority Leaders Program; and the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government Senior Managers in Government Executive Education program.

As I run for re-election as 1st Vice President of the Ward 6 Democrats, I am committed to enhancing opportunities for Ward 6 residents to get involved in the Democratic process. I want to ensure that everyone's voices are heard and respected and promote a democratic community where all residents can come together under a common Democratic umbrella. My commitment to Ward 6 is steadfast, and I promise to lend my political acumen and mentoring skills to create a continuous pipeline of active Democrats in Ward 6. A vote for me is an investment towards a more united Ward 6!

Together with my fellow Ward 6 Dems, I am confident that "We Can Do It!" as we move towards the 2024 Election cycle. 

I ask for your vote to be re-elected to serve as the 1st Vice President of the Ward 6 Democrats.

Thank you in advance for your support.


Dorinda Rindi White Headshot (1) (1).PNG

Margaret Edward: 2nd Vice President 

Biographical Statement: Margaret Edwards first moved to Washington, DC just over four years ago and has lived in Ward 6 for almost all of her time here. She works as a government affairs professional in the world of commercial vehicle safety, and prior to moving to DC from her home state of Pennsylvania, she works as a field organizer for the PA Dems. Since then, she has pursued opportunities to be involved in her community from serving as the Co-Chair of the Young Dems of Ward 6 since September 2022 and joining the DC Young Dems as Recording Secretary this past January. Margaret has quite a commitment to the Ward 6 community and that is evident by how she is involved, both in and out of the Ward 6 Dems. Margaret is a proud Carnegie Mellon alumna and continuously gives time back to Carnegie Mellon’s Washington Semester Program here in DC. 

Candidacy Statement 2023: I am running to be the Ward 6 Democrats Second Vice President, and I hope to earn your support for myself and the rest of the We Can Do It! slate. 

My involvement with the Ward 6 Dems began in late-2020 as a member of the Young Dems of Ward 6 Steering Committee. Up until becoming the Co-Chair of the YDW6 in September of last year, I remained an active voice on the Steering Committee. As a member of the Steering Committee, the YDW6 hosted multiple events from issue-based conversations to a multi-part Meet Your ANC series with young ANC Commissioners in Ward 6. 

Since becoming co-chair of the Young Dems of Ward 6, we have seen growth in our group and in Steering Committee participation. Being able to bring new voices and perspectives into this group has been a highlight of my time so far. Also, the YDW6 recently wrapped up a series on housing affordability, co-hosted by the Young Dems of Ward 2. I am proud of the work that our team accomplished with making this series happen, and I look forward to continuing our work from partnering with the Events Committee and other Ward organizations.

Outside of the Ward 6 Dems, I also serve as the Recording Secretary for the DC Young Democrats. Serving in this capacity has allowed me to take the step to serving all Young Dems here in DC and do my part in elevating young voices and perspectives of those in my generation. 

As the next 2nd Vice President of the Ward 6 Dems, I would hope to contribute to the leadership of the Ward in similar ways to that of the Young Dems of Ward 6 by helping to grow the quantity and quality of involvement of Democrats within the organization. Additionally, I will continue serving as Co-Chair of the Young Dems of Ward 6, and my goal here is to be a larger voice for young Democrats living in Ward 6 as an officer.

I’m thankful that Elizabeth Engel has asked me to be a part of her team to continue the successes of recent years as part of the We Can Do It! Slate. I look forward to the work that is to come, and I hope to earn your vote in the upcoming election.










Regine Charles-Bowser: Secretary

Biographical Statement: Regine is a Community Development Planner, Facilities Architect in Airport Construction and a participating member of Ward 6 Dems. She’s completed community development and airport planning projects at local, national and international levels. She’s smart, She’s fun, She gets things done. 

Candidacy Statement: I’m running for Secretary of the Ward 6 Democrats, completing the Ward 6 United slate of experienced and active community members, to work with each of you to build a more livable community, city, country and planet.

In 2019, the Presidential Campaign and 2020 Elections sparked my interest in participating directly in making our country and planet more livable. As I volunteered for Campaign activities, I worked with Dorinda White, who introduced me to our neighbors at Ward 6 Dems and current Ward 6 activities. Working with Andria Thomas and Matt LaFortune writing numerous postcards I advanced the Ward 6 Dems GOTV activities. Assisting Matt with Councilmember Robert White’s voter outreach we made a difference. I also worked numerous well spent hours phone banking, reaching voters, while volunteering for the Presidential Campaign.

As a former Board Member of DC Preservation League and an active University of Pennsylvania Alum, I will dedicate my time and energy to Ward 6 Dems and working with you to create a livable community for everyone.

I am asking for your vote for Secretary of the Ward 6 Democrats to continue creating our livable community for all.

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