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Hands Off Our Elections! Thursday, July 13

In June Congress held a hearing on DC's elections where several progressive members of Congress rose up to defend DC. Rep. Summer Lee in particular shouted the #HandsOffDC coalition (of which the Ward 6 Dems are a part) out by name: "Welcome back to all the folks who have been continuing to stand up for the cause of Hands Off DC. I see you and I recognize you." Having Hands Off DC supporters in the room made a meaningful difference to the leaders pushing back against this attempted interference.

This week, House Republicans introduced the American Confidence in Elections Act, a bill they are proudly describing as "the most conservative election integrity bill in over 20 years." It includes several provisions that would dramatically change DC's elections, including making voting more difficult for everyone in DC and allowing more dark money into elections across the country. Read more about the dangers of this new bill.

The Committee on House Administration is scheduled to markup this bill tomorrow afternoon — and the #HandsOffDC coalition is showing up.

Date: Thursday, July 13

Time: 3:00 p.m. until markup concludes

Location: Longworth House Office Building (15 Independence Ave SE), Room 1310

Know before you go:

  • If you already have a #HandsOffDC t-shirt, please wear it!

  • If you DON'T already have a #HandsOffDC t-shirt, the coalition will have them on site for everyone.

  • Either way, come prepared to sit in the hearing room in your #HandsOffDC t-shirt and represent.

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