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We want to know what you think!

Traditionally, the Ward 6 Dems have operated a little differently than some of our fellow Ward party organizations. Rather than combining the business of the organization and member-facing content in monthly general body meetings, we've handled business via a monthly meeting of the officers and "executive committee" (our most involved and dedicated volunteers) and kept our member-facing events focused on things like educational sessions, candidate forums, GOTV work, community service, and social events.


Our only regular general membership business meeting has been our biennial convention, held in June during odd-numbered years.


But it occurred to us recently that members' might value a little more insight into the inner workings of the Ward 6 Dems, with regular updates from our key committees (finance, events, outreach, GOTV, fundraising) and from our state party, the DC Democrats.


We've put together a short survey so you can tell us what you think.



The survey asks only THREE questions: whether you'd attend a periodic general body business meeting, preferred format (virtual or in-person), and preferred frequency.


That's it!


(You do have to answer all three questions, even if the answer to the first one is "no" due to constraints of the free version of SurveyMonkey. We'll take that into account when we assess the results.)

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