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We Support Charles Allen

As you may have heard, a group has formed to attempt a recall of our Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen.


The Ward 6 Democrats fully support our democratically-elected Councilmember, Charles Allen, and unequivocally oppose this recall effort.


As a Party, we support our elected Democrats.


As a Ward, we’ve elected Charles three times in a row with increasingly large margins each time. He won 87% of the vote in 2014, 88% of the vote in 2018, and ran unopposed in both the primary and general elections in 2022.


As individuals, many of us have volunteered with and donated to Charles’s three successful campaigns for office.


This recall attempt is a misguided effort designed to scapegoat Charles for a regional increase in crime. This campaign will be a waste of energy, attention, and taxpayer money that will not materially improve safety in our neighborhood or our city.


Make no mistake, crime is a problem in DC, and many residents have been victims, know someone who’s been a victim, or are afraid that they or their children are next. This is not unique to DC, nor is it a factor of progressive reforms to the criminal legal system or to policing. Crime increased in cities and towns in both red and blue states due to structural issues associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. What is unique to DC is that we continue to experience higher rates of some crimes, most concerningly motor vehicle thefts and homicides, than other cities.


Addressing crime is a complex issue that involves, at minimum, all 13 members of the city council, the mayoral administrative and executive functions of city government, MPD, prosecutorial decisions, judges, detention, and rehabilitation services. Specific to DC, our criminal legal system, particularly prosecution, judicial staffing, and imprisonment, is further hampered by the fragmentation that is a result of our lack of statehood. Contrary to the messaging of the recall campaign, Charles is not the reason for DC’s crime problems. He has been tackling this issue head on, not avoiding it as the recall campaigners would have you believe.


Finally, a recall effort comes at significant cost to ALL DC taxpayers, not just those of us in Ward 6. Assuming the recall proponents are able to gather the required number of signatures, the DC Board of Elections will have to run a special election for the recall. If that vote is successful, the BOE will have to hold ANOTHER special election to fill the vacated Council seat, in the meantime leaving Ward 6 without representation for a minimum of four months. The recall proponents have not put forward an alternate candidate, preventing voters from making a truly informed decision.


In short, this is a distraction at a time when DC can least afford it. We have serious issues to address as a community and as a nation in 2024. If some Ward 6 voters are dissatisfied with Charles’s service on the Council, the remedy is to recruit a candidate to run against him in 2026 as part of the regular election cycle.


What can you do?


  1. There are LOTS of ballot petition collectors out there right now, seeing as candidates are also collecting signatures for the DC primary election. If you're approached, ask questions, and if it's for the recall, #DeclineToSign.

  2. Talk to your neighbors about this issue and let them know you support Charles.

  3. Email Charles Wilson, the chair of the DC Democrats, to encourage our state party to take a strong stand in support of our chosen Councilmember.

  4. Visit Neighbors United for Ward 6 to learn more about how you can get involved and support Charles.

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