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Ranked Choice Voting Update

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

At a September 9, 2021 Special Meeting, 75% of the elected members of the DC Democratic State Committee voted to urge the members of the DC Council to reject the VOICE Amendment Act which would bring ranked choice voting to DC elections.

“Over the past year, the DC Democratic Party has held discussions and listening sessions with our ward and affiliate organizations to learn more about ranked choice voting and see if it is right for us here in the District of Columbia. After extensive debate, the party overwhelmingly voted to reject ranked choice voting,” explained DC Dems Chair Charles Wilson. “We urge the DC Council to vote to reject the VOICE Amendment Act and work with us to develop reforms that will best serve all residents in the District of Columbia.” The DC Dems also voted, overwhelmingly, to increase funds for voter education.

The state party has updated their website with the vote roster, the Ranked Choice Voting presentation, and the official letter from chair Charles Wilson to the DC City Council.

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