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House Votes to Nullify DC Laws

As you may have read or heard, the Republican-led House of Representatives recently voted in favor of two disapproval resolutions. What's a disapproval resolution? It's an act that any member of Congress can take within 30 days of passage to nullify a DC bill before it comes law. It has been three decades since a disapproval has successfully overturned DC legislation.

The two bills they voted to disapprove have certainly been controversial, even in DC - extending the franchise for local elections only to non-citizens and the long-overdue (and MANY years in the making) overhaul of DC's criminal code.

While it's unlikely that these resolutions will also pass the Senate and be signed by President Biden, it's not a good precedent, particularly given that a number of Democrats crossed the aisle to vote with House Republicans.

Even if those members of Congress wouldn't want those laws for their own districts, they're OUR laws, passed by OUR Council. You can't just be for DC Statehood when it's convenient, or when you approve of what we do. We either have the right to equal representation under the law or we don't.

What can you do to help?

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