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GOTV Volunteer Opportunity: Text Bank for Rep. Abigail Spanberger - Monday, September 19

Canvassing not your thing? You can sign up to text bank with the Ward 6 Dems for the Spanberger campaign on Monday, September 19, at:

Text banking is a super-efficient way to reach voters. First, you can do it from anywhere. Also, while many people no longer pick up calls from numbers they don't recognize, texts always get through, and the recipient sees them, even if she chooses not to respond.

The campaign makes it very easy to text bank, using a platform that you can access from your computer, tablet, or smartphone that conceals your personal phone number and includes pre-written scripts that are simple to follow. There's also an open Zoom room for questions and community building

You can text bank for the Spanberger campaign ANY Monday or Thursday night, so if you're eager to get started immediately, sign up right now at:, but if you want to join the Ward 6 Dems Action Night, make sure to select Monday, September 19 as one of your dates and drop Erin an email, so we know to look for you online!

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