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Virginia State Elections: We Have Our Candidates!

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

It's critical that we #KeepVABlue this fall, and our GOTV Committee met last Thursday to choose the candidates we will support as part of that effort. All three outstanding candidates are "Statehood Superheroes," having already taken the Statehood Pledge. They're standing with us, and they need our help to win, so it's time for us to stand with them.

Our candidates are:

  • Delegate Joshua Cole (HD-28) - Del. Cole flipped this seat in a narrow win in 2019, and he faces a tough re-election fight.

  • Briana Sewell (HD-51) - Ms. Sewell is looking to hold the seat that was vacated by Hala Ayala in her successful bid to be the Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor. Del. Ayala first flipped this seat in 2017.

  • Katie Sponsler (HD-66) - Ms. Sponsler is looking to flip the seat that was vacated by Kirk Cox in his unsuccessful bid to be the Republican nominee for Governor.

Our Virginia State Elections GOTV Kickoff will take place Tuesday, July 6. Details and RSVP at:

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