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Redistricting: Council to Hold Public Hearing Wednesday, September 29

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

To quote the Washington Informer: "The District's Ward 6 has emerged as the epicenter for the city’s redistricting process that will begin [in September]."

Ward 6 is going to have to shed nearly 18,000 residents in order to keep the wards at the required level of balance, which means our ward is going to be SIGNIFICANTLY impacted.

CM Elissa Silverman is leading the DC Council's redistricting subcommittee, and she has posted a timeline of the many steps involved to her website.

The first step will be an initial public hearing to collect resident feedback as the ward lines are being redrawn to meet certain population thresholds. If you'd like to testify, you can sign up here or submit your testimony in writing. This hearing will be on Wednesday, September 29 at 10 am and will air live on Councilmember Silverman's Facebook page.

Want to try your hand at drawing new maps for DC? The DC Council and the DC Office of Planning have collaborated to create an online tool to let anyone redraw DC’s ward maps and submit them for official consideration in the redistricting process:

The Ward 6 Dems Events Committee is also working on putting together a redistricting event for later this fall. They need help figuring out what is the best format to educate Ward 6 residents about the process and to provide a forum for folks to share their ideas and express their concerns. If you want to help, contact Events Committee chair Ethan Van Ness at

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