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Potluck Letter Writing Party - Monday, October 23

DC Dems are potlucking and writing Virginia Working America members about this November’s state legislative elections. All 40 seats of the Virginia Senate and 100 seats in the Virginia House of Delegates will be up for election. Date: Monday, October 23 Time: 5:00 - 9:00 p.m. (you do not have to attend the entire time) Location: The Residences at Eastern Market (777 C Street SE) RSVP: to hosts Carol Oppenheimer and Morty Simon at Here’s how you can help:

  • You can attend. RSVP to Carol and Morty so they have all the letters, envelopes, stamps, etc. that we will need.

  • You can bring a dish or beverages (it is, after all, a potluck).

  • You can help prep for the event (name tags, materials packets).

  • You can volunteer to help set up or clean up.

  • You can volunteer to bring folding tables and/or chairs.

We hope to see you there!

Host Committee. Julia Abbiss & Justin Haas, Karen Ackerman & Bob Muehlenkamp, Gail Amidzich & Louis Barbash, Sheree & Hugh Anderson, Pearl Bailes, Amy & Doug Bergner, Heather Booth, Gabriella Boston & Josh Bienfang, Charlotte Brown, Elise Bryant, Anne Cauman, Karen Collins & Fred Feinstein, Nettie Cunningham, Susan & Kevin Davies, Francie de Peyster & David Moulton, Marlene Desmond, Eileen Dougherty, Elizabeth Engel, Rhonda Foxx, Angela Freibaum, Bobbie Friedman & Peter Bell, Hannah Friedman-Bell, Page Gardner, Daphne Gemmill, Lori Genderson, JoAnne Glisson, Joyce Goldstein, Cameron Gonzales, Deborah Greenfield & Joe Tulman, Carol Grodzins, Phil Guire, Amy Hanauer & Mark Cassell, Lana Hirsch, Kim Hoagland, Jeety Kang, Ryann Kinney, Suzy Krahenbuhl & Daniel Aun, Matt LaFortune, Jane Lang & Bob Kapp, Leeann & Roy Matthews, Kufre McIver, Carolina Meurkens & Ron Collins, Lamar Mickles, Jeffrey Miller, Zamiyaa Moody, Molly Mullin, Karen Nussbaum & Ira Arlook, Carol Oppenheimer & Morty Simon, Ann Marie & Arnold Orza, Elaine & Leo Pinson, Linda & David Purcell, Letty Rojas & Michael Schmidt, John Russo, Ilene Schwartz, Erin Sheehan, Sam Simon, Fredda Sparks, Anne Summers & Alan Weiss, Donna Swanson, Becky Tressler, Thea Werner, Lauren Wernovsky, Harper White, Lee Woodman, and Fran & Tom Zaniello.

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