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Blue Wave Committee Organizing Meeting - Tuesday, April 25

Blue Wave Committee Organizing Meeting - Tuesday, April 25 The DC Democratic Party recently stood up a new committee, the Blue Wave Committee, to help elect Dems across the country, and they are holding their first meeting of this election cycle next week. All DC Dems are invited to participate (you do NOT have to be a formal member of the state party). The big focus in 2023 will, of course, be the Virginia state elections (Virginia loves elections so much, they hold them every year). The committee has three criteria for selecting 3-4 priority races this year:

  1. Candidates must be Democratic nominees who are officially on the record in support of DC Statehood

  2. Candidates must be running in a competitive election (no safe blue seats)

  3. Our support has to be able to make a difference (no R+25 seats, either)

Date: Tuesday, April 25 Time: 7:00 - 8:00 p.m. Location: Zoom, information provided upon registration RSVP: The Ward 6 Dems will be working closely with the Blue Wave committee under the direction of Lindsay Swisher, our Voter Education & GOTV committee chair. We'll have plenty of opportunities for things like postcarding, text and phone banking, and canvassing, but if you want to get more involved in helping choose the candidates we'll support, don't miss the kickoff meeting next Tuesday!

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