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1D Commander Ralph McLean Shares His Thoughts on Public Safety in Ward 6

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

On Tuesday, March 8, Metropolitan Police Department First District Commander Ralph McLean joined the Ward 6 Democrats on Zoom for an open discussion about public safety in Ward 6.

After learning a bit about his background, including his early childhood in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and his stint as DC Harbormaster, where he prepared training materials that are still in use today, Commander McLean gave attendees an overview of the current situation. He focused on the impact of the pandemic, which has been correlated with reductions in property crimes, particularly burglaries, but unfortunately has also produced increases in crimes like assault and car jacking.

Commander McLean noted that the First District is short on personnel right now and, when asked what he would do with more officers, shared that he would like to be able to devote more officers to participating in the Metropolitan Boys & Girls Clubs and to foot and bike patrols, where officers are better able to get to know residents and business owners in the community. He also shared that MPD would benefit from more robust and consistent connections to and relationships with DC mental health services.

Commander McLean also shared his top pick for carry out in DC: Ward 6's own Mangialardo's (of course).

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