Women of Ward 6

The Ward 6 Democrats are kicking off Women of Ward 6, a non-partisan monthly recognition of Ward 6’s women. This effort, in partnership with the National Woman’s Party and the Hill Rag, will culminate in the 100th anniversary (in 2020) of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. 

Residents of Ward 6 are invited to nominate Ward 6 women, current or historical, to recognize their important role in our lives. Our categories include, but aren’t limited to: arts, writing, medicine, labor, media, law, retail, food service, professional services, government, community service, military religion, education, athletics, women under age 21, lobbying, non-profit, and science. Each woman must have worked or lived in Ward 6. 

Nominate a Ward 6 Woman

We will be recognizing the Women of Ward 6 monthly in the Hill Rag and on the Ward 6 Democrats website. As we approach the 100th Anniversary, sign up for our newsletter to watch for upcoming educational and special events.

This is your opportunity to publicly acknowledge the contributions of a friend, coworker, or family member in our past and present community.  

We thank you for your participation.