Ward 6 Dems Virtual Salon - Charles Allen

Register for an upfront and intimate discussion with our Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen. Participate in an up-to-date review with one of the District’s most influential leaders on the upcoming budget, recent Council elections, public policy from justice to education and the upcoming events and policy that will impact Ward 6 residents.

To ensure a lively discussion and  participation by all registration is limited to 24 Ward 6 Residents.  We encourage you to sign up ASAP.  When registering be sure to sign up for our bimonthly Ward 6 Newsletter.  Keep informed….keep involved.

NOTE:  Questions or suggestions to be discussed at this month’s Salon may be sent by June 10 to [email protected]

Register here: https://www.ward6dems.org/ward_6_dems_virtual_salon_charles_allen