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Welcome to the Ward 6 Democrats of Washington D.C


Thank you for joining us to Stand Strong in D.C.


The next few years are critical.  Congressional and Federal interference in the District of Columbia violates our basic right of self determination.  Yesterday, it was Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz who vowed to strip away our legal rights and treat us as chattel to be traded to Maryland.  Tomorrow, we will be told how to spend our tax dollars, how we need to buy a gun, why we must defund public education or why we must ignore the natural rights of others. WE must Stand Strong against a White House and Congress that seeks to deprive  us of our Constitutional rights and the voices of all our Nation's residents.


Our ability to effectively fight for our rights begins right here in our neighborhood.


The Ward 6 Democrats defend and promote Democratic Party's policies, which holds a moral commitment to all and a national aspiration to benefit every Americans.  We are a grass roots organization working through citizen outreach, events/forums, regional partnership, community organizing, voter education and supporting Democratic Party candidates regionally and in the District of Columbia.  


Ward 6 has the largest number of voters of any Ward in the City and has the largest bloc of Democrats in the District. 

We make our voice heard and we will Stand Strong.


Membership is free, but we need your help for the fight ahead.  Would you consider volunteering a few hours (volunteer address) or making a donation (donation button) Your time and contribution will go directly to supporting:

  • Membership Outreach

  • Event/Issue Mobilization

  • Local, City Wide and National Activities

  • Neighbor Salons and General Membership Meetings

  • Social Network and Web Strategies

  • Local and Regional Democrat Candidates

  • Voter education and registration

  • Internet presence, outreach and information services

  • Social Networking Strategy


Again, we thank you for joining.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and join our Facebook discussion board. Share and ask your Ward 6 friends and neighbors to join and support. Please feel free to contact me directly with comments, suggestions, questions or how you can get more involved to help.


Stand Strong,

Chuck Burger

President, Ward 6 Democrats

202-258-5316 (cell)

[email protected]