Swing Left: National Strategy Update 2021-2022

Last Thursday, Swing Left held a nation-wide organizing call to share their strategy for the 2021 state elections in Virginia and the 2022 midterm elections. As founder Ethan Todras-Whitehill noted: "Progress doesn't happen on its own - we have to make it happen," and now is the time for planning, while we await the results of the Virginia state primary this spring and the decennial national redistricting process.

Swing Left's 2021 focus - and ours as well - will be working to keep the legislative and executive branches of the Virginia state government blue. The focus for 2022 will be to protect and hopefully expand Democratic majorities in the House and Senate. This will be a significant task, as it is customary for the party in power to lose seats in the midterms, and Dems have no seats to spare in either chamber. We will need to reverse that trend for President Biden and Vice President Harris to be able to continue to make progress on the policies they were elected to implement. 

As one of the local volunteers on the call pointed out: "Everything we do has impact. There is room for every skill and every strength, so jump in and find a way to contribute to Democratic victories up and down the ballot that works for you." That's good advice, and we'll have more information and options for you to contribute to Democratic victories in Virginia this fall in the months to come.