September 17 VA State Elections GOTV/Postcard Party Recap

A small but mighty group turned out to Red Bear Brewing Company in NoMa Tuesday, Sept. 17 to continue writing Get Out The Vote (GOTV) postcards for Dan Helmer and Sheila Bynum-Coleman.

As a reminder, we are supporting the campaigns of three candidates in the Virginia state elections this fall, as we work to flip both houses of the Virginia state legislature blue.

  • Sheila Bynum-Coleman (HD-66), challenging incumbent Speaker of the House of Delegates Republican Kirk Cox
  • Dan Helmer (HD-40), challenging incumbent House of Delegates¬†majority caucus chairman Republican Tim Hugo
  • Wendy Gooditis (HD-10), Democratic incumbent seeking her first re-election

All three are on the record in support of DC Statehood. They are also united in their support of issues that matter most to Ward 6 Democratic voters: sensible gun safety protections, protecting women's reproductive rights, support for the ERA, and ending extreme partisan gerrymandering.

One of the ways we are supporting these candidates is to write postcards to voters in the relevant Virginia districts reminding them to get to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 5, and encouraging them to support Bynum-Coleman, Helmer, or Gooditis (as appropriate).