Request Your Absentee Ballot Today

What's the best way to ensure you can vote while keeping yourself and your neighbors safe? Vote absentee/by mail!

DC has no excuse absentee/mail voting, which means that anyone registered to vote in the District of Columbia can vote by absentee ballot in any election in which they are eligible to vote.

You can register to get your mailed ballot in a variety of ways. All the details to do so are available at You can register to vote absentee/by mail for only the June 2 primary election, for the June primary and the November general elections this year, or permanently. 

Although you can submit your request up until seven days before the election for which you want a mail ballot (which would be Tuesday, May 26 for the June primary), the DC Board of Elections is going to be processing a LOT of mail ballot requests, so don't wait, and remind your local family and friends to request absentee/mail ballots as well.

Note: The DC Board of Elections will be providing pre-paid postage on your absentee ballot as well as a self-adhesive envelope to seal and return the ballot.

Remember, your VOTE is your VOICE.