Remembering the Legacy of Rep. John Lewis

Fellow Ward 6 Democrats,

This weekend, we lost a lion of the civil rights movement with the passing of Rep. John Lewis.

Rep. Lewis was the last living member of the "big six" of the civil rights movement's 1963 March on Washington, a living link with the history of getting in "good trouble" in the name of justice.

From his time in the leadership of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee to nearly giving his life on the Edmund Pettus Bridge to the end of his life, Rep. Lewis consistently maintained both his loving, joyful spirit and his righteous anger in service to his vision of The Beloved Community. He spoke at the 1963 March on Washington, served in the Carter Administration and on the Atlanta City Council. He was elected to represent Georgia's Fifth Congressional District in 1986. He helped secure authorization to build the National Museum of African American History and Culture on the Mall. His final public appearance was on DC's Black Lives Matter Plaza, only a month ago.

What can we do to honor his legacy? We can continue his work of racial justice and reconciliation by working to flip the Senate and win the White House this fall, and continuing to work for DC Statehood, of which he was a steadfast champion. Join us tomorrow night, Tuesday, July 21, to learn how. 

As Rep. Lewis exhorted us: "Don't give up, don't give in, keep your eyes on the prize."


Chuck Burger

President, Ward 6 Democrats

2020 Elections GOTV Meeting: Luria Campaign - TOMORROW, Tuesday, July 21

Tomorrow night, Tuesday, July 21, at 7:00 p.m., our Ward 6 Dems GOTV leads, Andria Thomas and Matt LaFortune will share the latest election news and distribute addresses to everyone who has blank postcards. We've also invited representatives from the Luria campaign to join the call and train volunteers to phone bank in support of her campaign. 

The Ward 6 Dems have already distributed 200 addresses in support of Rep. Abigail Spanberger's re-election campaign, which means it's time to get our next batch going, this time for Rep. Elaine Luria. Both women were elected in Virginia in 2018 and were part of the blue wave that awarded control of the House of Representatives to the Democrats, and we want to help them hold their seats this fall.

Details and RSVP at 

Need postcards?

Already completed some postcards? Hang onto them for now - we'll collect them to send on the dates the campaigns request, closer to November.

Recap: Virtual Salon with Martha's Table CEO Kim Ford (Tuesday, June 23)

On Tuesday, June 23, the Ward 6 Dems hosted a virtual salon with Martha's Table CEO Kim Ford.

Martha's Table uses a community-led strategy to serve residents in Southeast, DC, offering a deep set of services within a clearly defined area to ensure better community alignment. Their programs include education, family engagement, and health & wellness, with a focus on food and nutrition.

Due to the pandemic, Martha’s Table has ramped up to serve many more families in need:

  • McKenna’s Wagon went from serving 125 to 200 people per day.
  • Martha's Table Markets, at the organization's Northwest and Southeast locations, are distributing more than 8,000 bags of groceries for neighbors and families every week.
  • The 137 families served by Early Childhood Education have been bolstered with over $1.2 million in direct cash assistance and, among other supports, virtual check-ins with Family Engagement Specialists.
  • They are distributing more than 100,000 pounds of food per week at 20 sites across DC.

For those who missed it, you can view the video recording of the event here.

Please consider helping continue the great work that Martha’s Table is doing. The Ward 6 Dems has a goal of raising at least $2500 in donations - join us by donating to Martha’s Table today!

Recap: Virtual Salon with DC Vote Executive Director Bo Shuff (Wednesday, July 8)

As we wrote about in our last newsletter, Friday, June 26, 2020, was an historic day for DC statehood. H.R. 51, the Washington DC Admission Act, passed the House of Representatives 232-180 in a floor vote.

Shortly thereafter, the Ward 6 Dems hosted a virtual salon with Bo Shuff, executive director of DC Vote, where he reminded us that for DC to become a state, the bill must also pass the Senate.

According to Shuff, achieving statehood “is all about relationships” we can leverage to pressure senators to vote for DC statehood. If you are planning to make donations to support out-of-state candidates for the House or the Senate this fall, Shuff suggested that you first find out if they support DC statehood. As Shuff said, “Don’t support anyone who doesn’t support statehood.” Or, as the DC Democratic State Committee has put it, "No Donation Without Representation." 

You can get more info about DC Vote and sign up for their updates at:


Another good way to use your time while staying at home and physical distancing is to complete your 2020 Census questionnaire. 

Why does the Census matter?

  1. The federal government distributes over $6 billion annually to the District to support vital programs based on census data.
  2. Census data is used to update Ward and ANC boundaries to reflect population growth and movement across the District.
  3. District agencies rely on accurate census data for budgeting, planning, and policy decision-making across the city.
  4. Residents use the census to support community initiatives involving legislation, quality-of-life, and consumer advocacy.
  5. Businesses use census data to decide where to build offices and stores, creating jobs in our community.

An undercount would have serious consequences for our city, denying us federal funds to which we are entitled that support everything from programs for children to infrastructure improvements. 

It take about 5-10 minutes to complete your 2020 Census questionnaire online. Completing the questionnaire online means that Census enumerators - many of whom are our neighbors, doing temporary work - do not have to visit your house to interview you, which keeps us all safe. Complete your questionnaire today at

Due to the Hill Rag's summer publishing schedule, our monthly Women of Ward 6 feature will be on hiatus until September, when we'll be focusing on none other than Ms. Roberta Flack.