In Person Early Voting Opens TOMORROW

Fellow Ward 6 Democrats,

Although there is still plenty of time to return your absentee ballot (either through the USPS or in one of the convenient secure drop boxes the Board of Elections has placed around town), for those who either must or want to vote in-person, early in-person voting opens tomorrow. If you are going to vote in person, please plan to go early. You can vote at ANY in-person location in DC, and the Board of Elections website lists which sites are open and what the approximate wait time is at each at

Be sure to vote, and be sure to plan to #VoteSafe. 


Chuck Burger

President, Ward 6 Democrats

Make a Plan to #VoteSafe: In-Person Early Voting Opens TOMORROW, Tuesday, October 27

If you have not yet received your ballot in the mail, you will need to vote in person, which you can do starting tomorrow, Tuesday, October 27. All the early voting locations are on the BOE website: Due to the pandemic, any voter in DC can vote at any in-person voting location. The website lists the approximate wait times at each location, so make sure to check before you head out to vote, and remember to wear your mask! 

If you received your ballot in the mail from the Board of Elections, you can still complete it and turn it in, either by dropping it in your nearest USPS mailbox (it's postage pre-paid, so you don't even need a stamp), or by dropping it in one of the BoE's many secure drop boxes (complete list of locations is at 

If you decide to use your mailed ballot to vote, remember to register with the BoE's ballot tracker to get updates about the status of your ballot: The messages you'll get look like this:

Editor's note: I put my own ballot in the Northeast Library secure drop box and registered fro the ballot tracker app on Monday, October 5. I got the notification that my ballot had been received by the BoE on Saturday, October 10, and was accepted for counting on Monday, October 12. Dedicated W6D volunteer Frank Avery reported a similar timeframe for his ballot drop off to "accepted for counting" notice. 

Help Elect Democrats INSIDE DC: CM Robert White 

Council member Robert White, the only Democratic At-Large candidate this year, has reached out to the Ward 6 Dems for support. CM White needs volunteers to support him and the entire Democratic ticket at the vote centers for Early Vote and on Election Day. We're not asking you to distribute literature this year, although we will have tables with literature for voters to pick up themselves if they choose. We need volunteers to wear "ASK ME" buttons and answer questions or otherwise assist voters, masked and from a safe distance. 

Help Elect Democrats OUTSIDE DC: #FlipTheSenateBlue This Fall AND Support DC Statehood

In order for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris (fingers crossed) to be able to enact their agenda and begin undoing the damage of the Trump administration, it is CRITICAL that Dems flip the US Senate blue this November. We have the opportunity to send a strong DC Statehood signal by actively supporting the Democratic candidates who have voiced their public support for making us the 51st state. 

You can help flip the Senate by donating to any/all of the following Senate candidates through dedicated "51st State" links. 

Let's make sure their Statehood support matters!

Initiative 81: Decriminalize Nature 

From the leadership team at at Decriminalize Nature DC:

If passed, Initiative 81 would designate entheogenic plants and fungi (iboga, ayahuasca, psilocybin, and mescaline-containing cacti) as the lowest law enforcement priority for DC’s Metropolitan Police Department. This change would help ensure that DC residents benefiting from these plant medicines - which can help treat depression, anxiety and addiction - are not subject to arrest or prosecution. These changes would help end another part of the destructive war on drugs while protecting DC residents using natural medicines to heal. Initiative 81 does not change penalties or legalize the sale of entheogens.

The DC DSC and the Ward 6 Dems support this ballot initiative. Vote YES.

DCDSC Statehood Committee Meeting - Tuesday, November 10

No rest for weary election volunteers! Whatever the outcome in the House and Senate on November 3, experienced DC Statehood activists know work remains to be done. Join the DC DSC for their monthly Statehood Committee meeting on Tuesday, November 10, to strategize for the 117th Congress. Details and RSVP at