Get Ready To Vote, DC

First, have you checked your voter registration status yet? It takes seconds, so please do it now if you haven't already:

The reason this is so critical is that Board of Elections is going to automatically mail absentee ballots to EVERY registered DC voter at the beginning of October. You will have multiple options for returning your absentee ballot:

Make a plan to vote safely this fall. 

What else can you do?

While we will all be getting mail ballots - and we should all plan to return them as early as possible or pop them into one of the secure BoE drop boxes to reduce the load on the US Postal Service - DC is going to have polling places open, and the Board of Elections needs poll workers. Many of our most dedicated and experienced poll workers are our senior neighbors, and it's not safe for them to work the polls during the pandemic. If you're in a lower-risk demographic category, please consider signing up to help on November 3. Information and application are available at: