Gearing Up for the November Elections

Fellow Ward 6 Democrats,

This edition of our newsletter is all about November's elections, both in DC and for the House and Senate races we're supporting. Get ready to Get Out The Vote, both by making sure the DC Board of Elections can find you to send you your mail ballot and by supporting the DC Statehood-backing candidates we're working to elect to the House and Senate this fall. 

Our Ward 6 Dems fundraiser for local nonprofit Martha's Table is ongoing. Just last week, the Washington Post highlighted the important work they do in our community. We've set the ambitious goal of raising $2500 to help them continue and further that work. If you're able, please give generously

Mayor Bowser recently made three important announcements related to the coronavirus pandemic:

  1. Masks are now MANDATORY in the majority of situations when you leave your home, and the fine for violations is steep. Make sure you're familiar with - and follow - the new rules.
  2. DC residents are now REQUIRED to self-quarantine for two weeks when returning from any non-essential travel to "high-risk" areas. Again, make sure you're familiar with - and follow - the new rules, and that you keep apprised of which states are considered "high-risk."
  3. For school year 2020-21, Term 1, which will run August 31 - November 6, will be ENTIRELY virtual for all DCPS students. For Ward 6 Dems with school-aged kids, DCPS is asking parents to complete a brief survey on your student's device and internet access needs to help them prepare.


Chuck Burger

President, Ward 6 Democrats

2020 Elections Update & Next GOTV Event - Tuesday, August 18

Our GOTV team (Andria Thomas and Matt LaFortune) has selected one of the two Senate races we'll be supporting: Theresa Greenfield, who is challenging Senator Joni Ernst in Iowa. Per the Cook Political Report, this now officially a toss up race and winning it will be critical to the Democrats taking the Senate this fall. As with all of our chosen candidates, Ms. Greenfield publicly supports DC Statehood. No Donation Without Representation! 

Our next GOTV virtual Zoom meeting will be Tuesday, August 18, starting at 7:00 p.m. We'll focus on the Greenfield Senate race that night. (It's also night two of the virtual DNC, so we're working on something special to celebrate.) Details and RSVP at

In the meantime, we're still writing postcards to support the re-election campaigns of Rep. Elaine Luria (VA-02) and Rep. Abigail Spanberger (VA-07), both of whom were elected with our help in 2018. Both first-term representatives, who also publicly support DC Statehood, are in tough re-election fights, so we have the opportunity to have a major impact on them retaining their seats so the Democrats can protect - or even possibly expand - their House majority this fall. 

Need addresses? Email Matt LaFortune at [email protected]

Need postcards?

Already completed some postcards? Hang onto them for now - Matt will be in touch about collecting them to mail on the dates the campaigns request.

Need a little inspiration? Ward 6 Dems Secretary Joel Sarfati shared this picture of his daughter and granddaughters writing postcards to voters, which is a great activity to do with your kids to teach them about civic engagement.


Volunteer Opportunity & Save the Date: DNC Virtual Watch Party - Tuesday, August 18

Mark your calendars: On Tuesday, August 18, starting at 8:00 p.m., the Ward 6 Dems will be hosting a virtual watch party on the second night of the Democratic National Convention. This will be a first for us, so we're still figuring out exactly how it's going to work. Relatedly, we need a few tech-savvy volunteers to help us with that. Is that you? Email Ethan Van Ness, who is coordinating the event, at [email protected] to help us make it happen.

Volunteer Opportunity: DC Statehood

Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) was recently quoted as being open to supporting S. 631, the Senate version of the Washington DC Admission Act, but she needs to hear from DC residents that we support statehood. Landing even ONE Republican supporter would be a HUGE step in securing our full rights of citizenship. 

DC Vote is organizing a letter-writing campaign to demonstrate to Senator Murkowski that the 700,000+ residents of DC are serious: We want statehood, and we want it now.

What do you need to do?

  1. Hand-write or type a letter to Senator Murkowski saying you are for DC Statehood.
  2. Mail to DC Vote: 1111 14th Street NW, #1000, Washington, DC 20005. Or email your letter as a PDF to [email protected].
  3. Encourage your friends and neighbors to participate.

Talking points you can use, from Neighbors United for DC Statehood.

Formatting and content tips for writing to a Senator from the American Library Association. 

NARFE: All Civil Servants and Citizens Deserve the Right to Self-Government

Get Ready To Vote, DC

The DC Board of Elections has announced that they will automatically mail ballots to all registered DC voters this fall. This is an important step, particularly given all the problems many voters experienced during our June 2 primary. 

However, you still need to make sure your mail ballot finds you. That means that you need to check to make sure you're registered and that your address with the BOE is correct.

  1. Check your registration status online at
  2. Are you registered but need to update your address? The best way to do that is to download, complete, and mail back the Voter Registration Application
  3. Are you not registered at all? Same thing: download, complete, and mail back the Voter Registration Application

The application is postage pre-paid (as the ballots will also be this fall), so all you have to do is find a way to print it and then drop it in the mail when it's complete. Don't delay! Your vote is your voice - make sure YOUR voice is heard. 


It take about 5-10 minutes to complete your 2020 Census questionnaire online. Completing the questionnaire online means that Census enumerators - many of whom are our neighbors, doing temporary work - do not have to visit your house to interview you, which keeps us all safe. Donald Trump is trying to dramatically shorten the time frame for the door-to-door visits by Census enumerators, so it's particularly important that will all complete our questionnaires online ASAP at

Why does the Census matter?

  1. The federal government distributes over $6 billion annually to the District to support vital programs based on census data.
  2. Census data is used to update Ward and ANC boundaries to reflect population growth and movement across the District.
  3. District agencies rely on accurate census data for budgeting, planning, and policy decision-making across the city.
  4. Residents use the census to support community initiatives involving legislation, quality-of-life, and consumer advocacy.
  5. Businesses use census data to decide where to build offices and stores, creating jobs in our community.

An undercount would have serious consequences for our city, denying us federal funds to which we are entitled that support everything from programs for children to infrastructure improvements. 

Due to the Hill Rag's summer publishing schedule, our monthly Women of Ward 6 feature will be on hiatus until September, when we'll be focusing on none other than Ms. Roberta Flack.