Elections Have Consequences

We all know that, had the Democrats not flipped the House of Representatives in 2018, not only would we not all be following the news of Trump's impeachment trial in the Senate, but Trump's plan to shake down Ukraine to manufacture a faux scandal against a political opponent potentially would have succeeded. 

Local elections have consequences, too.

Democrats flipped BOTH Houses of the Virginia legislature this past fall, and in the 2 1/2 weeks they've been in session, Virginia's Democratic legislators have been busy delivering on all the promises they made during their campaigns.

Both Houses passed the Equal Rights Amendment. While there's still work to do to (as explained by Equality Now and Equal Means Equal), gaining that 38th state's ratification was a CRITICAL step to eventual passage. 

Virginia Democrats have also advanced legislation to prevent discrimination in housing against LGBTQ individuals, to provide sensible gun-safety protections, to allow no-excuse absentee voting, to remove onerous restrictions on access to abortion, and to eliminate the Lee-Jackson Day holiday in favor of making election day a state holiday. (You can keep up with the progress of all these bills, as newly-elected legislators continue to work for the issues on which they campaigned, here.)

You did that.

Democrats in Ward 6 and across DC wrote postcards to voters, text banked, phone banked, fundraised, and canvassed for the Democrats who are bringing real change that Virginia voters want and chose this past fall to the Old Dominion. Great job, everyone!