About Us

Ward 6 Democrats


 Foster and encourage political activity among Ward 6 residents;

 Work to constructively improve the quality of life of the District of Columbia residents and improve the communities in which they live;

 Contribute to the growth and influence of the Democratic Party, to develop leadership, to increase Party responsibility. 


Our Purpose 

 Promote Democratic Party Principles

 Advocate & Work with our Elected Officials

 Outreach, Educate and Enroll Democratic Voters

 Promote Membership Interaction w/DC Government and Officials

 Identify Membership Neighborhood Issues

 Elect/Support Reps to DCSDC  & DC National Conventions

 Organize and Maximize Ward 6 Dems Potential



 Identify/vet current and potential candidates for elected and appointed city positions.  To elect and support Democratic candidates for local and national office

 Determine those issues impacting Ware 6 residents and those individuals who are willing to act as spokespersons.  

 Identify local and regional organizations that can assist in achieving the Wards and Cities objectives.

 Actively participate initiatives such as “Hands Off DC” and the “Be Loud DC”.



2017 Executive Committee



Chuck Burger, President (202-258- 5316 - cburger@cbmove.com)

 Ward 6 Community Activist for over 25 Years

 Board Member (Eastern Market, Barracks' Row Main Street, CHRS, DC Association of Realtors, Celebrate Capitol Hill)

 Ward 6 Coordinator and Staff for several successful Ward and Mayoral Campaigns

 Former Chair, District of Columbia ABC Board

 Realtor at Coldwell Banker, married to Nancy Broers and live with our dog Greta



Betty Pierce, First Vice President (202-544- 5547 - betty.pierce@yahoo.com)

 Native Washingtonian and an advocate for Statehood

 6 year service to Ward 6 Executive Committee

 Former Woman-At-Large to the DC Democratic State Committee

 Party Delegate at 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte



Dorinda White, Second Vice President (202-495- 1054 - dorindaw@gmail.com)

 Member, SW Waterfront Park Design Charrette Group and former President, The View at Waterfront Tenants Association

 At-Large Committeewoman Communications Director, DC Democratic Party

 Former Communications Director/Senior Legislative Aide for U.S. Congresswoman

 Communications staffer in District Government (Gray & Bowser Administrations)



Nichole Opkins, Third Vice President (nichole.opkins@gmail.com)

 Former ANC Commissioner (6B06); representing early 2000 residents of Hill East community.

 Volunteer & Events Coordinator, Charles Allen for Ward 6 Campaign

 Alum of the UDC David A. Clarke School of Law

 Hill East resident, raising a native Washingtonian

 Currently, General Council for Ward 6 Councilmember, Charles Allen



Bruce DarConte, Recording Secretary (bdarconte@gmail.com)

 Realtor, Coldwell Banker Capitol Hill

 Founder & President, Near Southeast Community Partners

 Amidon Bowne (LSAT Team/PTA)/Van Ness Elementary SIT Team

 Capitol Quarter Community House Steering Committee

 Married to Anne in our Capitol Quarter Residence



Gene Fisher, Treasurer (202-544- 2580 - gene.fisher,dc@gmail.com)

 Worked for 22 years for leading Democratic Congressional Members and Campaigns

 Director, Committee on Small and Local Business Development, DC Council 2011-2014

 Director, Committee on Business, Consumer, and Regulatory Affairs, DC Council 2013-2014

 Present, Director, Legislative Affairs, DC Department of Employment Services

 Past Work for the Steelworkers Political Action and Older and Retired Workers Department

 Served as Chairman of the No. Virginia Committee on Political Education, AFL-CIO 



Antonio Barnes, Corresponding Secretary (202-200- 1171 - antonio10bar@gmail.com)

 District of Columbia ANC Commissioner 6E06

 Service Employees International Union, Community Organizer

 CAC Political Club, Secretary & Former President




Brian Peters, Recording, Parliamentarian (202-230- 4916 - bpeters@gmail.com)

 Family lives in Shaw with wife, Katie, son Bobby, and daughter, Adeline. 

 Shaw community activist and President of the Central Shaw Neighborhood Association

 ANC 6E volunteer. 

 Life-long Democrat and worked nationally on Democratic campaigns.