Help Us Win the Senate: Urgent Request from Charles Allen and the Ward 6 Dems

Georgia is on my mind. And needs to be on yours too!

On January 5th, the balance of power for the US Senate will be decided by two critical (and very close) Senate run-off elections. We may not have a vote in those elections, but who Georgians select will have an outsized impact on our lives. Supreme Court nominations, reproductive rights, access to healthcare, economic relief, climate change, support for veterans, Black Lives Matter -- all of it and more will be decided in the Senate and by who wins these two seats. And let's not forget DC Statehood.

Rev. Warnock and John Ossoff are in a battle and they've committed to supporting the District of Columbia. The election will be decided in the next 3 weeks, so we need to show our support today! The Ward 6 Democrats have partnered with the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee to raise funds specifically for these two Senate run-off campaigns. 

Join me in kicking in a contribution today! Contribute $51 to send a message that DC Statehood is a priority. Or add 51 cents to whatever contribution you can make. But don't sit this out - we need to contribute today and help ensure President-Elect Biden has the Senate he needs to get the job done.

Charles Allen


The Young Democrats of Ward 6 are sponsoring Ward 6 Dems' efforts to win the two run-off Senate elections in Georgia. Interested in becoming a member? Contact YDW6 Chair Frank Avery at [email protected]