A Message from Charles Allen

Dear Ward 6 Democrats,

I don’t have to tell you how crucial this year’s election is. On the national stage, electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (and defeating Donald Trump) couldn’t be more important and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

But this year’s election is crucial in DC as well. Who we elect represents our values, our priorities, and our vision for the place we call home. I’m asking you to help me re-elect Robert White as an At-Large member of the DC Council.

As your Councilmember, I want you to know how much I trust and work with Robert at the Council. When there’s an important issue for Ward 6 - whether it’s funding our local schools, focusing on affordable housing, prioritizing our local businesses and neighborhoods - I know Robert will be there with me. And as our city and nation wrestle to address systemic racism and right historic wrongs, Robert has been an incredible partner to build a more just city.

He’s been fighting for all residents and like me, Robert is a leader that works to bridge divides and move the District forward. At a time when the city we love is facing so many challenges and crises - and the pain cuts so unevenly across neighbors - Robert White is someone that we trust to make the right call and right decision.

You have two votes to cast for At-Large members of the Council. Please re-elect Robert White with your first vote on this year’s ballot!

Thank you and remember to vote early and vote safe!

Charles Allen