2018 Primary Debate Additional Questions

During the final Ward 6 Democrats/Hill Rag pre-primary non-partisan debate among the candidates for the Ward 6 council seat (which took place Tuesday, June 5), we ran out of time before we ran out of questions. The candidates graciously agreed to respond in writing to those we didn't have time to ask in person.

Questions included:


  • Do you support the recent TOPA changes for single family homes that reduced notifications and eliminated the ability to assign tenant's right to purchase to a third party?
  • Do you support legislatively exempting the affordable 595 units of housing owned by the United House of Prayer from residential property tax?
  • How can we help advise Build First residents that may not financially qualify for available units?
  • How can neighborhoods be protected from "pop up" construction, which threatens neighbors with lax DCRA code enforcement during construction?



  • How can we make Early Childcare more affordable for low income and working families?
  • What will you do to address residency enrollment fraud in schools?
  • Does DCPS need further legislative reform?
  • What steps should DCPS take to address the achievement gap between African American and white students?



  • Should DC be a sanctuary city? 



  • What are the three most effective reforms that DC can make to its juvenile justice system?
  • How will you ensure that the NEAR Act is fully implemented?
  • Is there anything that can be done legislatively to provide more services for homeless victims of domestic violence?



  • Do you support the recent tax increases to fund Metro?
  • Do you support protected bike lanes on Sixth Street, NW, in Shaw and on Second Street in SW? Please addressconcerns of implications for nearby churches and parking?


Campaign Law

  • What improvements should be made to current campaign finance laws?
  • Do you support open primaries?  


Social Issues

  • What do you think of the Mayor's plan to close DC General?
  • Do you support a sales tax exemption for women's hygiene products and diapers? 
  • Do you support DC legalizing sports gambling? 



  • What steps have you taken or need to be taken to make statehood a reality?



  • What can be done to decrease minority unemployment?
  • How would you create opportunities for our returning citizens?
  • How do we ensure there is equal pay for equal work for women and minorities in the District?


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